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Pragmatic Play’s new game, Spaceman is looking to blow the competition out of the water with its amazing features and gameplay. Offering a 96.5% Return to Player (RTP) percentage, this game is a gold mine for rewards. There’s also a potential multiplier of up to 5000x! With that in mind, you can take home $500,000 if you’re lucky enough.

What sets it apart from other games is a unique crash mechanic that’ll keep you on your toes and engaged throughout the experience. It’ll make great use of different cryptocurrencies too! This means more flexibility when it comes to payment options. Not only that but with high volatility, this game will satisfy those who crave high-risk high-reward gaming experiences.

Spaceman has an amazing way of being able to offer consistent profits and excitement through hard work and innovation.

The Space Game

In this word guessing game players must do everything they can to guess the hidden word before their spaceman gets blasted off into space. Each person takes turns guessing letters until one of them finally gets it right! If someone guesses wrong then there’s no going back. The rocket will launch and YOU LOSE… keep your wits about you!

Since it’s their turn first let’s hope they get it right!

Key Features

The multiplayer crash game offers an engaging and thrilling experience for players, with key features that set it apart from other games. With a high RTP of 96.5%, players have a great chance at winning big money here! They’ve also introduced something called “50% Cashout” which is exactly what it sounds like! Players can cash out half their win BEFORE THE GAME CRASHES!! Talk about clutch moves.

You can play whenever or wherever as long as there’s internet access.. so everywhere 😄

One of the most enticing features they added was the ability to win up to 500,000€. The gameplay is not only rewarding but also engaging, keeping players on the edge of their seats as they watch the multiplier climb. Additionally, the game offers multilingual options, allowing players from different backgrounds to enjoy the game in their preferred language. Overall, the multiplayer crash game combines high stakes, engaging gameplay, and the potential for significant rewards, making it a top choice for players looking for an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience.

Gaming Concept

The Spaceman game by Pragmatic Play offers unique features and gameplay mechanics that set it apart from other slot games.

Players can start by selecting their initial bet, with options to adjust the amount to suit their preferences. The game also includes an amplification effect, where consecutive wins will increase the multiplier and potential payout. However, there is also a risk of crashing, which will reset the multiplier unless the player uses the auto-withdraw feature to secure their winnings

The multiplier system allows players to win big and adds excitement. If you roll a 5,000 times multiplier, you’re looking at some big bucks.

This game is all about fun. The unique features and payout make it very thrilling. The multiplayer and the chance of crashing down only add to that intensity.

Operator Benefits

By including this game into their casino, operators will have a bubble of diversity because players love having social games like this. Different people like different things and by offering more ways to play, player satisfaction goes way up.

It’ll also help them grow because they’ll be able to bring in new customers through word-of-mouth promotions.

Lastly, once you hook these players in, they won’t want to leave. Games with communities are shown to keep players around for longer periods of time. And since there is chat and leaderboards integrated into Spaceman as well, it’s almost guaranteed that once they sign up they’ll never leave.

Offering immersive game modes with friends will increase operator sales by a landslide. So if your casino is looking for a boost in engagement and retention then this game mode is for you.


When players take part in this game, they are entitled to a variety of advantages. First, instant outcomes enable the players to see the results of their bets right away and thus keeping them thrilled and full of actions. High multipliers lead to high chances of winning something big which adds much excitement and enthusiasm among the players. Also, individual strategies have been provided for which allows one to be in control of the game and feel identified with it. Furthermore, it’s a fun environment for a friendly competition among participants with a common Leaderboard that encourages building community ties while playing online. Moreover, detailed bet history and statistics are useful for tracking progress, learning from past mistakes and making decisions based on information that enhance overall gaming experience. This combination of benefits makes playing games good experiences.


The distribution of results in the last 500 outcomes is: 40% are wins; 30% is draws; 30% were loses . Over the first 100 rounds there were 35 wins, 25 draws and 40 loses . The next hundred had more victories (45), while draw was up by five (30) but losses declined by fifteen (25). Again during that time frame there were thirty winning times, thirty-five straight draws or ties matches but also thirty-five loses. And in the most recent century there were forty won bets twenty-five draw-bets as well as scored whooping thirty lost bets.

This data indicates an interesting trend about how outcomes distribute themselves across these last five centuries. Further analysis is needed to determine if this distribution is statistically significant or if it is just a random occurrence. Such information can help guide decision making on future rounds as well as strategy adjustments.

How do you play Spaceman?

To place wagers and make predictions using Spaceman select your bet amount and predict a multiplier where the Spaceman will stop. Confirm your bet and wait for the betting time to end. Adjusting the amount or changing predicted multiplier before the betting time closes enables you to alter your bet.

The spaceman will begin to move and you must choose a multiplier that it will cross before stopping. If, as per your prediction, spaceman crosses that particular multiplier, your win depends on the odds for such a multiplier. Otherwise, you lose whatever bet amount you placed.

Either way during movement of the spaceman there are three potential outcomes: passing by the predicted multiplier; going above it to a higher number; or stopping short of reaching it.

You can always cash out any time prior to spaceman coming to its final rest point so as not to lose everything.

This can be summarized by saying that bets can be placed on multipliers with predictions based on how they move in Spaceman game.


Spaceman is an attractive game because of several key features that make it better in terms of payout ratios. The game has innovative multiplayer option where players compete against each other in real-time. This adds action packed excitement and social interaction into gaming thus making it more engaging and lively at different points.

Moreover, the game also features a 50% Cashout angle that allows players to cash out half of their winnings while leaving the other half in play. This distinct attribute provides more control over winnings for the players and introduces strategic aspects into the gameplay.

Furthermore, having an increased RTP (Return to Player) percentage means the game has higher chances of winning and probably bigger payouts. The fact that it is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices makes it possible for one to play at any given time without necessarily being in one place; thus, enhancing its accessibility and convenience.

In general, the uniqueness of Spaceman game’s qualities offers gamers possible ways on how they can maximize their earnings as well as more thrills and engagements. The multiplayer option that is very innovative, 50% Cashout feature alongside high RTP can be enjoyed by individuals who are either using a desktop or mobile device; therefore, making it highly preferable as far as increased payout possibilities are concerned.

Spaceman game how to win: tips from experienced players

If you want to dominate in popular computer games such as Spaceman then here are some hints from experts on how to do this. We have collected recommendations from experts who know what they are talking about on how you can come out tops in these games. Whether you are new at this or just looking forward to better your skills these techniques will give you an upper hand over others when you get involved in another match. These handy tricks range from communication during collective efforts up to personalizing certain playing strategies so that one becomes almost invincible in his dealings with other Spacepersons worldwide.” Get ready! You are about raising your bar and starting racking wins!

Utilize the double down feature of betting

Double down feature is characteristic of spaceman game that allows players to place two bets per round that are 2:1. Put low initial bet first and then raise the first bet using a multiplication factor of 1.5x. Placing a massive amount as bet, intending to cash out at an earlier stage, while placing another one with a very small bet in order to have high multiplication possibilities as possible. This enables adjustment of bets and cashout settings based on bankroll and session balance. The main tips for taking advantage of the double betting feature include properly managing your bankroll, strategically adjusting your betting amounts and making good use of odds as well as 1.5x multiplier to reduce chances of losing your money in case you lose all your bankroll . By sticking this plan and tracking your roll on time you can make maximum use of Double Betting Feature in Spaceman game towards maximizing returns.

Setting up automatic proposal return

To set up automatic proposal return in spaceman, simply visit the games’ program window by clicking on settings located at the top portion within it. Within these settings menu, find “automatic withdrawal” or “automatic proposal return” option. You will be able to transfer winnings into your balance once they pass certain odds when this feature is found. Ensure that you turn on this functionality so that it can automatically refund you after winning some matches without any delay whatsoever manually . With desired odds set and enabled; thus, your winnings will be put into balance by itself before you do anything else manually. This refreshes back your experience as playing spacemans since it offers no friction while gaming . This way, you don’t have to wait for long before getting back what is yours once automatic proposal return has been configured.

Avoid unnecessary risks

When gambling, always avoid unnecessary risks by withdrawing money with low multipliers and collecting winnings at the earlier stages. Relying on the risk that you take into betting, it is possible to minimize your betting as well as maximize income. In this case, it would be better to look for a bigger multiplier and reduce the amount that you bet. If done in this way, there is a potential claim for more winnings and less chances of losing large sum of money . On the other hand, you can collect more winning earlier which then allows you to stabilize profit levels before spending some reasonable amounts on bets.

Sometimes it’s good to think twice about making a bet and consider what kind of risk we are taking. Through withdrawing money with low multipliers or collecting early wins, there will be no danger in unnecessary risks arising hence informed choices while gambling. Remember to gamble responsibly – only bet what you can afford to lose.

Stay away from martingale

Martingale system should not be used for spaceman betting because it is high-risk-low-reward game plan. This type of wagering approach entails doubling your stake after a loss so that one can recover all losses at once together with gaining some profits thereafter. However, an unlucky period may wipe out all available funds from such poor players’ accounts especially when playing Spaceman betting where outcomes are limited in number

Moreover, numerous casino terms and conditions explicitly prohibit the use of the Martingale system as it can result in substantial financial loss. Casinos are aware that although this tactic might appear encouraging initially, it is laden with risks to the gambler. Its high risk nature combined with low reward potential makes Martingale unsuitable for Spaceman Betting or any gaming.

To sum up, the Martingale system should not be used as a strategy in Spaceman Betting because it has both high risks and low rewards; and most casinos do not allow it. Players should bet cautiously and avoid falling into the trap of risky strategies.

Play Spaceman game in demo mode

You can play Spaceman in demo mode by visiting Joo Casino or Slothunter, which are among the best online gambling platforms available. Once you are on their websites, find where you can play the dem game. By doing so, it will be possible for you to understand how it works without losing your money and also get used to everything. In this way, you would learn all the rules of the game at no cost and simulate yourself across different levels. This will help you feel more comfortable and confident when it comes to playing with real money. Therefore, use a demo mode before making any bets for real money so that you could better understand peculiarities of the Spaceman.

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Spaceman Game Strategies

The Spaceman game is a widely played card game where people draw and discard cards trying to get a winning hand. Consequently, you need to have adequate game strategy to increase your winning probabilities.

One efficient strategy is Doubling Bet Strategy which involves increasing bets after every win. This could maximize winnings during a winning streak but care must be taken when using this particular strategy since it requires good management of risk. One needs to know when raising the bet should stop so that all gains do not disappear in case of a losing hand.

Early Withdrawal Strategy is another method where players choose to withdraw their winnings early on in order to protect them. It is thus possible for one not to lose everything if luck turns its back on him/her during gambling sessions. Risk management and bankroll are also significant elements in Early Withdrawal Strategy. For example, do not withdraw too much money at once and avoid greediness because you may lose everything that you had won.

Risk management and bankroll are vital aspects of these two strategies. In essence, knowing when to play safe or take a risk will certainly boost one’s chances of emerging victorious while playing Spaceman.

What are benefits of mobile version of Spaceman?

The mobile version of this slot machine has many advantages for punters. The first thing is an easily navigable interface design that makes moving through the game easy and hassle free. Besides that, enhancements have been made on graphics and sounds hence improving overall experience.

Amongst several others is an ability to save progress in games if one wants to continue on another device. With this feature, individuals can simply change from their phones and start playing with their tablets or vice versa.

Also touch controls make it convenient to play on a phone or tablet thereby providing a more interactive gaming experience via touchscreens. In doing so players move with ease through various geographical locations to complete quests.

Consequently, thanks to its user-friendly interface design as well as optimized graphics along with touch inputs that are simple-to-use; players can immerse themselves fully into Space Chase using mobile gadgets.

How to install Spaceman apk on phone?

To download space man app open your device’s app store (Google Play Store for Androids or App Store for iOS) .Type “Spaceman apk” in search bar and click download button when you see the game .After that, you will have to go through the downloading process of the game as per your app store’s instructions .This may require agreeing to permissions, terms and conditions and waiting for the installation process to complete. Then just install Spaceman on your phone, explore space and fulfill complicated quests. So hurry up and head to your app store, type in “Spaceman apk”, download it right away and start enjoying a real cosmic adventure today.