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Review of Big Bamboo: Slot

Big Bamboo is a thrilling and visually impressive slot game, which offers players an opportunity to win big with its outstanding features and high RTP. It has the conventional 5×3 layout for reels and it comes with a variety of bet sizes to cater to various types of players, ranging from casual ones to high rollers.

The symbols in the game include but are not limited to the Mystery Bamboo Symbol, Golden Bamboo Feature, and Instant Prize Symbol. The latter can assume any form on the reels allowing one more chance to capitalise on it as at any given moment. It is also important to note that free spins are awarded during the activation of Golden Bamboo Feature when three or more golden bamboo symbols appear on screen. Furthermore, Instant Prize Symbol gives instant cash rewards whenever it appears on reel.

With bet sizes starting from $0.10 up to $100, Big Bamboo serves a wide clientele with different betting preferences. In addition, the game has an above average RTP percentage of 96.5% which is better than most thus improving the chances of winning.

In essence, Big Bamboo is an exciting slot packed full of great features eye-catching visuals and big payouts making it worth trying out for anyone who loves playing slots games.

Features of Big Bamboo: Slot

Prepare yourself for an adventure in lush tropical jungle as you swing into action with Big Bamboo – a thrilling online slot game that will transport you there. This slot is filled with gripping features that will keep you at edge as you spin your way through searching for those mega wins. From wilds and free spins down to expanding reels feature unique only to this one game called Big bamboo there is absolutely nothing left out needed to be kept aside so as not have a very big experience ever again while gaming here. So get hold of your machete now and let us cut our way through thick bamboo forest in search for hidden treasures leading us towards bigger money rewards.

Visuals & Soundtrack

Big Bamboo is an animated movie that is visually stunning with soundtracks transporting you into another world with Oriental themes like East Asia styles of etherealism or fantasy-like environments surrounded by vibrant colors playful animal designs in it while on your journey through there called life . The film is accompanied by this haunted bird calls blended with traditional musical instruments from Eastern parts which complement nicely together making it even more magical for us who watched it till now!

The audience is drawn into the world of enchantment through animation and music that blend together perfectly to create an atmosphere of fantasy. Some individual features like the green sleeping monkey and different animal characters add whimsy to this film.

Big Bamboo Theme

This is a theme that revolves around the East Asian natural world, where landscapes are beautiful with emphasis on harmony between people and nature. This story would be ideal for those who love animals and those who are fans of Asian themes as it is about the beauty and magic inherent in nature.

In conclusion, Big Bamboo’s visuals and soundtrack are both a sight to behold as they make the viewer feel like they are in another realm filled with supernatural elements with their ethereality and flavors from East Asia.

Golden Bamboo Feature

The Golden Bamboo feature works by incorporating various symbols and their effects to enhance gameplay in slot games. Whenever it appears on the reels, free spins get triggered by the Golden Bamboo symbol. During free spins, regular Bamboo symbols can convert into Special Bamboo symbols which offer more opportunities to win.

On top of this, players can acquire Golden Tokens which enable them activate a collection bonus game. It gives players a chance to win extra prizes or rewards during this bonus game.

One key symbol used in the Golden Bamboo feature is called Mystery bamboo Symbol; it has an ability of changing into any other symbol thus increasing chances of winning.

Overall, the Golden Bamboo feature offers an engaging gaming experience full of excitement such as; free spins, transformation triggers, a collection bonus game, as well as special ability of Mystery Bamboo Symbol – making it rewarding for players too.

What is smallest bet one can place on Big Bamboo?

In Push Gaming’s demo version of Big bamboo that minimum bet comes at just .10 coins. It serves as a low entry point for interested players who want to play without risking much money. As such,big bamboo can be enjoyed on any budget without breaking your bank account if you are a beginner or a person who prefers to stake low amounts.

Players can take their time getting to know the game, experimenting with different bets and just having fun at a minimum of .10 coins. Additionally, this low minimum bet makes Big Bamboo accessible to a wide range of players, regardless of their budget or level of experience. For example, some people might be casual gamers while others have more serious intentions so each kind will find it easy to start playing Big Bamboo by Push Gaming due to the low minimum bet.

Big Bamboo Pros and Cons


  • The Big Bamboo slot machine has a free spins round that boosts winnings without spending any more money.
  • It is attractive to players, as it has a relatively high Return to Player (RTP) range.
  • Additional multipliers within the game can increase potential payouts and make it even more exciting and rewarding for the player.
  • There is another chance at a winning combination when a respin function appears in the game, which makes playing time longer or winnings higher.
  • With increased RTP on purchase bonus, you can stake in your bet and possibly enhance winning chances.


  • However, while this strength is good, there is no specific mention of how often they are triggered hence players do not know if they will actually get them or not.
  • Also, there are no specifics about RTP range except that it is relatively high; therefore making it hard for players to assess what they could win based on this parameter exactly.
  • But then again, there are other gainers like me so I’m sure marveling on about this would be beyond them. The extent of potential boost to winnings isn’t indicated since I don’t know number of multipliers used in Big Bamboo Online Casino Slot Game as well as their effects on gameplay generally speaking. 

Big Bamboo Slot Game: Theme and Graphics

The background depicts an oriental bamboo jungle with lush vegetation, isolated bamboo plants along with peaceful surroundings. In sumptuous jungle setting stands of tall bamboo shoots stretch across the screen. Symbols spun on reels include pandas, tigers & monkeys among other animals found in jungle besides card pictograms designed with oriental feel to them.

The visual design for this slot machine is vibrant and colorful featuring detailed illustrations of various animals from wilds as well as bamboo leaves. The soundtrack consists of soothing Asian melodies that contribute further towards calm mood created by visuals transporting us inside tranquil forest made entirely out by bamboos.

In general, Big Bamboo Slot Game is an escape into the oriental jungle through its beautiful graphics and calm music. This means that players are taken to a world of peace and natural beauty when they spin the reels on the game.

Big Bamboo RTP & Volatility

Big Bamboo offers two versions of RTP: one has 96.13%, while another has 94.13%. It implies that for every $100 bet, player may receive either $96.13 or $94.13, depending on which variant is chosen. Also, high volatility characterizes this slot game leading to infrequent but big wins. The combination of these two RTP options with high volatility makes bankroll management quite important for gamblers.

That’s why it’s so crucial to understand how each version affects gameplay as well as potential returns that could be earned by casino clients using them for betting purposes within virtual casinos like Big Bamboo online casino Real Money Slot Machine. Big Bamboo Slot Game is a highly volatile one so you don’t win often; hence it’s necessary to keep track of your funds otherwise you will lose everything in one go!

The RTP and volatility of a game are dependent on various factors. The first one is the payout percentage of the developer, which basically defines how much winnings are given to players over time while using this software. The other factor that determines volatility is the Gamble Feature which can be used by gamers.

Symbols that win in Big Bamboo

The Big Bamboo slot game has winning symbols like cards as well as pandas, bamboo, yin-yang signs representing Asian themes. There are also scatter symbols with images of the words Big Bamboo which brings free spins and some payouts when a number of them appear anywhere on reels. All other icons apart from scatters and bonus ones can be substituted for by wilds depicted by pandas across various paylines and landing three or more will activate 15 free spins where wins carry a multiplier of 3x.

These mystery symbols that take up any form but not Scatter and Bonus icons have chances to enhance your outcome. For instance, if yin-yang sign appears at least thrice on any payline then it may cause commencement of bonus round whereby players get paid up front cash prizes based upon their selections.

Other high paying common icons include pandas plus yin yang pictures with Wilds standing in place for regular ones save again Scatters as well as Bonuses only; these characteristics make it an ideal option for those who aim at huge wins through traditional gameplay intermingled with special features.

The Symbols of Big Bamboo

Big Bamboo3

Mystery Bamboo Symbols

During the Base Game and Free Spins, the Mystery Bamboo symbols can land randomly. These can change into pay symbols, wilds or Golden Bamboo symbols. With this in mind, they may create a win and ultimately increase chances of winning big.

The Mystery Bamboo feature is triggered when the mystery bamboo symbol reveals a golden bamboo symbol on the screen. This amazing feature can lead to great cash outs and make the game play more exciting than ever before. The golden bamboo acts as a multiplier for that spin’s total winnings by multiplying them with itself.

The mystery bamboo symbols are found in both Base Game and Free Spins adding elements of surprise and thrill to the gameplay. Users never know what sort of icons will be revealed by these mystery bamboos rendering it possible to trigger other features such as Golden Bamboo one thus keeping excitement high at all times. Ultimately, Chinese-oriented Mystery Bamboo symbols contribute significantly to creating thrilling experiences for players.

Play Big Bamboo in Demo

Are you looking forward to playing a demo version of Big Bamboo? To achieve this feat, just access the official casino site and search for ‘play for free’ tab. Once you find it, pick free play option and get started with no need for registration which makes launching it extremely quick and simple.

It’s important that players go through the demo mode before they start placing real money bets as this comes with no risks attached allowing them test out features and mechanics. It is more suitable for inexperienced gamblers who want to learn about the game’s rules or winning combinations by simply reading paytable while seasoned players may use it as an opportunity of trying out new strategies or getting acquainted with specific details about Big Bamboo prior to staking actual currency.

With demo mode, players can begin to believe in themselves and also boost their understanding regarding the game, which in turn improves the whole gaming experience. Therefore, for newbies or experienced gambling lovers, Big Bamboo’s demo mode is a perfect chance to investigate at your pace.

Mobile Gameplay – Play Big Bamboo on Your Mobile Device

Big Bamboo1

To play Big Bamboo on mobile phone you need to download the official application from online casinos offering HTML5 technology for stable playing without any glitches and interruptions whatsoever; thus rendering smartphone gambling completely hassle-free.

Most smartphones or tablets work well with this official app hence enabling gamblers enjoy playing wherever they happen to be at the moment. Besides, due to its responsive design combined with an optimized performance you shall find yourself having just as much fun as though located right behind your desktop monitor.

Search for the official Big Bamboo application in your mobile apps store and install it to start. You can always enjoy the amazing world of Big Bamboo along with its breathtaking atmosphere on your phone wherever you are, thanks to convenient mobile play and reliance on HTML5 technology.