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“Shining Crown Slot” is a classic fruit game that offers an amazing gaming experience. The slot consists of traditional fruit symbols, and other icons used in the classic slots machine games, set on a vibrant and visually attractive background.

One of the major attractions of this game is the Jackpot Cards feature which provides players with opportunities to win one out of four progressive Jackpots. Also, players can double their wins by playing the Double-Your-Money Gamble feature that adds more thrill to it.

In addition, Expanding Wilds are also part of this slot, thus increasing your chances of winning big. This means that lucky players stand to get substantial payouts amounting to 100000 coins when they play this game.

Shining Crown Slot is available for free play on mobile devices so you can spin wherever you are. Players have various credit-bet and credit combination options so as to fit their playing preferences and budgets.

Generally, Shining Crown Slot involves classical fruit theme combined with exciting features such as Jackpot Card bonus round system for those who love old fashion slot machines with a hope for huge earnings.

Shining Crown Review

The Shining Crown video slot represents an online version of classical offline machine that combines traditional symbols with contemporary features making it more thrilling. In this review we will go deeper into graphical design; its gameplay and payouts; special features and bonuses. In addition we will probe into user-friendliness as well as strengths and weaknesses from unbiased perspective. As an introduction both seasoned gamblers who spend lots of time playing these distractions plus novices just beginning exploring them would find our analysis extremely useful in order to decide whether such a product meets their needs or not.

What are the Symbols?

Symbols in Shining Crown include: Star Scatter, Dollar Scatter, Grapes7’s , Watermelons7’s , Bell 7’s’’, Golden Bells “’and fruits such as cherries, oranges, lemons and plums. The Crown symbol is wild; it can be used to replace other symbols on the reels for winning combinations. The Crown symbol is functioning as a wild card and it can substitute any other symbol on the reels in order to complete winning combinations. Star Scatter and Dollar Scatter symbols are scatters that trigger scatter payments when they appear anywhere across the reels.

The maximum wins per symbols vary and with regards to this, the Crown wild card gives the highest possible payouts. Also, there are expanding wilds, which could cover an entire reel thus increasing chances of forming winning combinations.

Special features in Shining Crown slot games include gamble option which allows players to double their winnings by guessing correctly about the color of a hidden card. Additionally, there is also progressive jackpot in this game enabling players to win big with each spin.

Overall, Shining Crown slot game has various symbols having different maximum win potentials as well as special features like crown and expanded wilds that add fun and increase possibility of scooping big rewards.

Shining Crown Slot Features

Shining Crown slot offers its users two interesting bonus features: Jackpot Cards feature and Gamble feature. Thus Jackpot Cards feature enables players to earn one out of four progressive jackpots – all amounts of four jackpots are shown at the top part of playing field while players will get multiple winnings if they guess right colors using multiply button for gambling after each successful round.

The Jackpot Cards feature is activated at random, with the players guaranteed to win one of four progressive jackpots. They will be shown twelve face-down cards and must select cards until they discover three matching card suit symbols. Then the player is awarded the corresponding jackpot.

The gamble feature allows players to risk their smaller wins for a chance to double them. After a winning spin, players may gamble their winnings by correctly guessing the color of a facedown card. In case of right determination, the winnings are doubled but in case of wrong guess, the initial win is lost.

All in all, Shining Crown Slot offers action-packed bonus features that make game-play exciting and can lead to big wins.

What is the jackpot (max win)?

Shining Crown comes with potential for maximum win via its base game jackpot and four progressive jackpots; it offers up to 1000 times your total bet during base game which gives huge payout for lucky winners. Additionally, there are four progressive jackpots in this slot with each having its value increasing as long as you continue spinning your reels. These are commonly known as the “Mystery Jackpot Cards” or they can randomly appear while you play through a normal round providing special chances for big returns.

When looking at overall payout rate of this slot, we see that Shining Crown has been set with an RTP (Return To Player) percentage of approximately 96%; meaning that over time it’s supposed to return just about 96% of all bets placed on it. The biggest possible win is achieved when you combine base game jackpot and triggering any out of these four available progressive jackpots which give opportunity for significant life-changing rewards if you are lucky enough to qualify for one or more such prizes. With high RTPs available plus both base games along with progressive wins possible from this title; there could not be anything better than conquering Shining Crown since such scenario becomes exciting and rewarding gaming for players.

Where can I play Shining Crown?

Shining Crown is a game that can be played at different Amusnet Interactive casinos of which Winlandia is one of the best online casinos to play the game. In addition, you may want to try out the demo version of this slot so as to familiarize with its features and general gameplay and above all free practice.

Moreover, Shining Crown also comes in mobile version meaning you can enjoy playing it on your device whenever you are. This allows you to play Shining Crown regardless of where you are or any time hence providing flexibility that enables a user to have an access to enjoy this slot at any place. Therefore, it would be great if your preference lies with computer or mobile devices on which games can be launched by shining crown casino.

In total number, there are a variety of Amusnet Interactive casinos available including many options at Winlandia where players can dive into Shining Crown world and have an exciting experience full of rewards.

How to play Shining Crown Slot

To play the Shining Crown Slot, start with choosing your bet value from the controls placed at the bottom of the screen. The game is characterized by various symbols such as fruits, bells and lucky sevens where highest paying symbol is crown. In addition, Wild symbol can substitute any other symbol to form winning combinations while on contrary Scatter symbol can work as a trigger for Free Spins feature.

The game also has a Gamble mode where players can double their winnings by correctly guessing color of a hidden card. Shining Crown Slot also offers an opportunity to win progressive jackpots whereby the top screen shows how much one stands a chance to win if he/she goes for it.

For convenience purposes, Autoplay mode allows players to set the game spinning automatically for a certain number of rounds. Expanding Wilds during base game, are capable of covering full reel hence increasing chances of winning big time.

Shining Crown Slot is both classical in its fruit machine theme and modern with features that make it an exhilarating and potentially rewarding gaming experience.

Mobile experience with the Shining Crown slot

Shining Crown3

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The Shining Crown slot game is well-optimized for mobile devices; thus, it looks good and fully functions on both Android and iOS platforms. It still remains the same in terms of special features as well as excitement when compared to desktop version thus players can get the complete experience right from where they are playing with their smartphones.

One of the most attractive features in this game is Jackpot Cards that allow you to win any one out four types of progressive jackpots easily which are also accessible via mobile. Moreover, Gamble feature operates on mobile too hence every correct assumption doubles player’s winnings.

This game has user friendly interface and smooth navigation, so it will be easy for players to reach their favorite slots while being able to enjoy impressive graphics and immersive gameplay on phone or tablet. A must play for all fans who want high-quality gaming experience at anytime anywhere in life like smartphones tablets without much effort! From this point till home ground is not big distance

Shining Crown Slots Free Spins or Real Money

With Shining Crown Slot, you can either try your luck by playing with real money or just spinning a couple times in demo mode. This allows users to have an idea what the game entails before investing their finances into it. Additionally, a higher RTP than average means increased winning opportunities for players. Besides, Gamble mode could further boost earnings made during playtime. In addition there are random Jackpots that can be won in Shining Crown thus making it more interesting.

Most gamblers prefer placing bets online using this title because attractive features entice them with possibility hitting large jackpot payouts However beware that there aren’t any free spins available on this casino slot machine called shining crown! To summarize: Shining Crown offers a fun gambling experience where winners emerge through chance plays rather than skillful moves only applicable towards land-based casino slots. Shining Crown is a great game for those looking to try their luck at online slots, whether they are playing for real money or just want to see how it works in practice mode.