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Legacy of Dead Slot – Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

Legacy of Dead is a very popular Egyptian-themed slot. It’s got high quality graphics and immersive sound effects that make it feel like you’re in the desert with pyramids towering above you. There’s a demo play option so if you want to test out Legacy of Dead before putting your money on the line, you can. For those who decide to play though will be met with a game that has great payouts and free spins and bonuses along the way.

The game has 5 reels and 10 paylines which gives players plenty of chances to generate winnings. With an RTP of 96.58% too, which is higher than other online slots making it a fair game for players (RTP stands for the percentage of the wagered money that is paid back to players over time). The big win in Legacy of Dead is 5000x your stake which makes it an attractive option for anyone looking for large sums.

Free Spins can be unlocked by getting 3 or more scatter symbols on the screen at once. When this happens, you’ll get 10 free spins making gameplay even more exciting as there’s no risk involved when playing with freebies. This feature can also lead to some serious wins seeing how special expanding symbols are incorporated into each spin.

In summary, Legacy of Dead is a visually impressive slot game with exciting features and bonuses but most importantly offers players a chance to win big.

What’s the Return To Player (RTP) Of Legacy Of Dead?

The RTP (Return To Player) percent of Legacy Of Dead is 96.58%. Don’t worry about knowing exactly what this means because we’ll explain everything right now! RTP just measures how much money gets returned to players from their original wagers over time.. In simple terms though, having an RTP higher than other online slot games here means you’ll have a higher chance of winning or at least not losing as much money while playing.

Let’s say for example someone were to place 100 bucks on Legacy Of Dead, given the RTP of 96.58%, they could expect to make $96.58 back in terms of winnings.

Legacy Of Dead Volatility

The high volatility and RTP percent can be thanks to a few key factors including, bonus features, potential for big wins and frequent payouts. But when it does pay out it tends to be larger which is why despite being a less frequent opportunity, players can find themselves winning big if they look hard enough.

And don’t think that’s all though! Players who are lucky enough to land three scatter symbols on the screen during free spins will retrigger the entire feature giving them even more chances at winning big without wagering any more bets!

What is better between Legacy of Dead and Book of Dead?

Play’n GO has created two popular slot games, Legacy of Dead and Book of Dead, that are both loved by many players and have similar ancient Egyptian themes and gameplay mechanics.

Free spins, expanding symbols and gamble options all appear in the two slots offering a thrilling experience. They share one common thing which is exploring pharaoh tombs with an aim of finding hidden treasures making them to be so adventurous on slots.

Both games offer almost the same payout percentages with Book of Dead having a slightly higher RTP of 96.21% as compared to Legacy of Dead’s 96.58%. This small distinction might affect the overall game play for some individuals.

Ultimately, choosing between Legacy of Dead and Book of Dead always depends on personal preferences. While both these games have many similarities, others may prefer the slight changes in topics as well as pay-out levels.

In conclusion, it is evident that the difference between these two games is mainly theme related together with slight changes in RTP. We therefore advise players to try out both before deciding on their preference.

How volatile is Legacy of Dead?

Legacy of Dead is highly volatile meaning that wins can vary dramatically over time for this casino slot game. The impact from this volatility can be intense especially when after numerous losing runs you suddenly get a very big win at once. Due to its high volatility, wins in this particular game may not come frequently like what other less volatile casino slots do; they could also take long waiting periods since players expect big prizes coming up next time.

As per my experience, the volatility found in Legacy Of Death increases excitement during gambling sessions because you never know what will happen next until your turn ends either wining or loosing unexpectedly. However, it should be noted that high volatility also means that there are significant risks associated with this game where players stand a chance to lose large amounts if they play carelessly. The volatility of Legacy of Dead as a slot game makes this game more thrilling and unpredictable.

What is the maximum win in Legacy of Dead?

The largest win possible for a spin on Legacy of Dead is 5,000x your stake. You will need to cover all reels with either Tutankhamen or sarcophagus to trigger it. This means that if you are lucky enough to fill up all the reels with these two high-value symbols, you’ll get an amazing 5,000 times multiplier on your initial bet in reward. To attain this huge win in Legacy Of Death, both the symbols of tutankhamen and sarcophagus must be involved. Thus, when spinning the wheels, look out for these tell-tale signs that hold the key towards unlocking this game’s biggest prize. Provided you manage to fill up your screen with any one of either Tutankhamen or Sarcophagus and play wisely; then expect some cool 5000X wins here. Do not pass up chances to bankroll through highest paying icons for Legacy Of Death.

RTP & Max Wins

Legacy of Dead has different RTP versions such as 91.5%, 93.5%, 95.5%, and 97.5% which allows operators to choose from when selecting what suits their players best respectively. The game also provides opportunities for big wins as it offers a maximum payout potential of 5000x the original stake players placed through bets made during each round.

In a relatively short period of time, high variance can lead to huge wins for players, but it may also involve longer spells without smaller ones. The Legacy Of Dead comes with a 96.58% RTP value by default which is a fair return to the player.

Different RTP versions selected by operators will determine the return values based on their market requirements and preferences of players. Each available RTP version comes with its very own gaming experience that allows operators to customize the game for their particular player base.

To summarize, Legacy Of Dead has various RTP versions, high variance gameplay and an enormous maximum win potential of 5,000 times your stake, all this adds up to a thrilling gaming experience for players.

The Symbols of Legacy of Dead

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Learn about the rich and vibrant world of Legacy of the Dead and explore its powerful symbols that hold deep meaning and significance. From a golden scarab to a pharaoh’s mask, each symbol tells a story of ancient Egypt and its enduring legacy. Dive into the mystical world and uncover hidden meanings behind these ancient symbols.

Wildly Scattered

The Wild Scatter symbol in Legacy of Dead slot is both a wild and a scatter. As a Wild, it can be used to replace other symbols in winning combinations, thereby increasing the probability of gaining winnings. To activate the Free Spins feature you need to get at least three Wild Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels.

The value of the Wild Scatter symbol lies in its ability to serve as both a wild symbol and unlock the coveted Free Spin feature. It comes with free spins where one symbol expands through an entire reel during which making winnings can be huge if this happens. This means that without the presence of The Wild Scatter symbol there will be no chance for you to win big or have fun while playing slot machines.

To sum up, The Wild Scatter Symbol adds thrill into Legacy of Dead casino game by providing chances for profitable wins and giving players more interesting experience when they play. The fact that it can work as a wild and scatter at the same time makes it one of those elements that are crucial for winning big money in combination with free spins.

The Living Mummy

If you have ever played Legacy of Dead you must have noticed that the Undead Pharaoh is portrayed as strong and dominating figure which introduces some creepiness into gaming. The undead Pharaoh appearing on the screen may affect gameplay greatly by acting as bonus rounds initiator or unlocking special features. Once they cross paths with them, players may end earning generous rewards and even receive free spins courtesy of these mummies; hence, making their involvement worth looking forward to in every way possible.

With detailed drawings showing icons from Ancient Egypt like pyramids, pharos’ and other important images about hope after death such as Ankh along with emblematic inscriptions written all over them; therefore, drawing closer attention to themes related zombie-like creature called ‘undead pharaoh’ who seems very frightful due not only his appearance but also because he represents death itself as opposed living beings. Another way in which the undead Pharaoh is highlighted on the reels is through its menacing look as well as big size in relation to other symbols displayed there. Added to this are dark background melody and visual effects that resemble those of real life, keeping players engaged.

Some unique characteristics associated with the undead Pharaoh could be acting like a replacement for any other symbol thus giving you a winning combination or even kick off bonus rounds when multiple mummies identical to him appear. In general, undying ruler adds excitement and can potentially bring good money into Legacy of Dead online slot machine.


In Legacy of Dead, Anubis is an important character since he represents the Egyptian god who performed the rituals for reaching heaven after death. Jackal-headed Anubis, being one of the highest paying icons in this game plays significant role on reels. The next highest appreciated icon is Anubis, and landing several of them will give gamblers considerable winnings.

Anubis guided souls to afterlife and presided over mummification according to ancient Egyptian mythology. His presence creates mystic feel throughout gaming process enhancing overall experience at times making it memorable for most people playing it in future.

On the reels of Legacy of Dead, players can take advantage of opportunity to get very big wins for landing various numbers of Anubis symbols. Those additional Anubis symbols offer higher potential wins which make it one of the most desirable symbols in the game. It brings a unique and culturally rich dimension to Legacy Of The Dead due to its association with the afterlife and mummification which has made it a favorite among players who enjoy mythology integrated into their gaming.

The Golden Death Mask

In ancient Egyptian culture, the Golden Death Mask was considered an amulet that offered protection to those who had passed away. This mask was used by Egyptians in order to enable the soul to locate its correct body. This was one of the major practices seen in Egyptian funerals where they believed that souls could return back to the bodies.

Materials such as gold, a metal symbolizing everlastingness of human lives, were commonly used for these masks besides other precious metals and gemstones. Making these masks required great workmanship and often involved intricate designs as well as inscriptions done in honor for those lost.

They played significant cultural as well as religious roles meant for protecting deceased individuals’ state in life after life. Some examples include Tutankhamun’s golden death mask which enlightened scholars on ancient Egypt’s art, craft and burials.

The Ancient Egyptians’ beliefs about after-life, soul journeying while showcasing high-quality skills and artwork by ancient Egyptian artisans are epitomized through this Golden Death Mask.


The sky god Horus was worshipped by ancient Egyptians as their sky’s guardian and ruler. He usually portrayed himself like an elegant falcon standing for majesty or either power he commanded; falcons represented sacred animals linked closely with Horus thus signifying his status being sky king divine kings protectorate.

According to an Egyptian myth, eyes belonging to Horus stood for celestial matters including skies plus moon. His right eye corresponded to the sun whereas left one was called “Eye Of Horus” correlated to the moon. They symbolized protection, cures plus strength in ancient Egyptian amulets and jewelry normally used to implore god’s boon as well as prevent evil spirits from harming people.

Overall, this aspect of ancient Egyptian faith entailed its worship of Horus as the sky god and portrayal of Horus as an imperious falcon in addition to implications on eyes being his representation for skies and moon.


The King symbol is one of the symbols that pay out most highly on Legacy of Dead. Should a player line upto three Kings on a payline, they will receive a handsome payout but if it lands four then there will be even more reward for them. The highest payout you can get from this symbol is when you land five Kings on your paying lines.

The presence of the King symbol on the paytable is very important because it can result in a large payout. The King, as a symbol of majesty and authority, embodies wealth and fortune in this game. Gamers impatiently anticipate the King symbol appearing on the reels to increase their wins substantially.

In sum, the King icon found in Legacy of Dead slot is a central element that captures the theme of the slot and gives gamers a chance to make huge wins thus making it more thrilling and giddying.


Queen- is one of highly paid symbols in “Legacy Of The Dead” slots for you to get big rewards. For three, four or five Queen icons placed on any line you are paid with 5x, 20x or 80x your bet per line accordingly which means that there is an opportunity to win nice money if more than one Queen appears at once! The beauty queen will bring mystery and royalty into your gamble space by her appearance. It looks extremely elegant and promises good rewards that are why top players crave for it while gambling “Legacy Of The Dead”. You would want to see this sign while playing since it may lead you towards wealthy payments. Therefore, when three Ten signs appear on any payline (after spinning) they award 5x, 20x or 80x bets per line respectively; then if it seems like two Tens have landed instead of one you know that players have reached lucky streaks!


Thus they hold a great deal of significance to players because getting them means big payouts given their high value within these games. A jackpot can be achieved through landing five Jack symbols across a payline but also just having three will guarantee that there’s some kind of reward waiting around every corner for those who play long enough. Jack –is the most expensive image here as you are winning nothing less than x5 times your wager per round when matching up three of them. In addition to this, even landing three Jacks on a payline can still leave you with decent win thus providing regular chances for players to increase their payout rates. All in all, Jack is one of the major symbols which make the game more thrilling and profitable thus players should remember about it.


A line with five Tens will multiply your bet by 80 times, three or four tens –20 times and finally two of them will be paid at rate 5x. This symbol makes people get paid well when they appear in winnings combinations hence its significance to Legacy Of The Dead gameplay. What it does is that several Tens on an active line will give high payouts what adds excitement and intensity to gaming. People are waiting for Ten symbol because they know that it’s a good source of income while gambling as it may bring valuable results back to you. Due to its huge pay out values for three, four and five symbols on any paylines Ace acts as the key component in creating thrilling and rewarding playing experiences for fans of Legacy Of The Dead.


In this game, Ace symbol is used as a high ranked card symbol. The Ace sign has the highest payout on paytable. 5 Ace signs pay 120x which is among the highest payouts of the slot. Four Ace signs win a player 30x but with Five notches less in terms of coins won. Three Ace signs will offer a 5x win even though it’s one of the smallest wins you can get in the game. The Ace symbol is one that players will be looking out for because it holds some big possibilities of winning lots of money. This single item tops other symbols on this chart and therefore creates anxiety for gamblers who use slot machines about spinning their wheels bearing in mind what sizable earnings they could fetch at any time from that particular reel.

Legacy Of Dead Demo & Free Play

On SlotCatalog you can easily find Legacy of Dead demo or free play mode. Access the site and look up the name “Legacy of dead” in the games section. From among them pick out that one then select “demo” or “free play”. It doesn’t involve registration as well as download so anyone can try this slot easily anywhere anytime.

The game itself is called Legacy of dead which is an exciting slot game with ancient Egypt mythology theme. It consists of five reels three rows 10 pay lines and other features like transforming up-to nine icons into expanding symbols during bonus rounds where players stand chance increased/widespread winnings.

Also, besides playing Legacy of Dead demo or free play version, a review about this slot can be found in SlotCatalog website concerning its features and gameplay. In addition they could get information about best casino bonus for legacy of dead thus maximizing their game experience.

As such, Legacy Of Dead is an immersive and rewarding video slots game that offers both demo and free play options at SlotCatalog for those who want to try it out risk-free before committing any real cash into gambling.

Play Legacy of Dead on Mobile

Legacy of Dead4

Just open a slot machine app or online casino and play the game in free mode to access Legacy of Dead on mobile. Its slot interface will auto adjust and fit into your mobile devices display thus allowing one hand playing easily. Consequently, you can spin the reels and use every other feature by only holding it with one hand.

It is important to mention that all technical characteristics of the mobile version are identical to those of full one, including RTP (Return to Player), volatility level, and maximum win value. Therefore, irrespective of whether you are using a computer or a Smartphone for gambling purposes; you still enjoy similar gambling chances as well as experience.

Thus, if you want to dive into that thrilling gameplay “Legacy Of Dead” powered by ancient Egypt try this video slots either via slot machine application on your phone or on line casinos which don’t require downloading anything but a game itself , and start spinning those reels in free mode for big wins.