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Big Bass Bonanza Review

Big Bass Bonanza is a well-known online slot game based on fishing, with opportunities for players to make huge wins. The key components of the game are the fisherman wild symbol that takes the place of all other symbols except the scatter, and the Free Spins Bonus, which starts when three or more scatters land. During the Free Spins Bonus, it is possible to trigger more free spins and increase multipliers for bigger wins.

Moreover, there are fish symbols representing money which all have high worth prizes attached to them making big wins a priority. The fishermen wild icon is present in many instances assisting players in capturing multiple winnings combinations as well as there being a thrilling opportunity for large payouts when playing Free Spins Bonus. Designed with fishing-themed graphics and engaging gameplay, Big Bass Bonanza gives players an exciting adventure into catching big.

Summarily, Big Bass Bonanza provides a combined experience of angling joy with possible riches above all others among those searching for profitable and entertaining games.

Details About the Game

Big Bass Bonanza has 5×3 layout, high volatility and RTP of 96.71%. It can pay up to 2,100x your stake which makes it attractive for those who want massive wins. The theme of this slot revolves around different symbols connected to fishing such as fish themselves together with their habitats.

Among other titles in a series like Big Bass Bucks or Big Bass Line is also Big Bass Bonanza slotted with similar fishing themes where you get chances to win big rewards once you play. This along with its high variance makes it one of the most favorite choices amongst bettors who are looking forward to an amazing casino session.

Big Bass Bonanza Theme – Anything Fishing!

In relation to this slot theme ‘Anything fishing!’ revolves around water bodies like lake or ocean basing on underwater setting, where every element used is related to angling such as fishes, fishing rod or bobbers. This all creates immersive play for gamers taking them to peaceful fishing locations.

That said, the Scatter is depicted by the Big Bass symbol in this case and once three or more of these icons land on the reels, they activate free spins. The possibility then arises that a player can score even more winning combinations without having to bet any other credits; thus, increasing their balance.

The fisherman icon acts as a wild sign designed to substitute for others in order to create winning lines. During free spins round, triggering multipliers can be activated by landing additional fishers symbol on reels leading up to bigger wins.

In summary, the themes of fishing have been distinctly captured through fish symbols and sea environments used within Big Bass Bonanza slot. In addition, scatter and wild symbols are also available in this game which enhances its gameplay such that players get a chance of earning big payoffs while enjoying a calm atmosphere.

Big Bass Bonanza Bonuses

Big Bass Bonanza comes with a Wild that can substitute for all the other symbols save for the scatter symbol and Free Spins Bonus which is interesting. To develop wining combinations, the Wild stands behind any other symbol apart from the Scatter. The player spins three or more Scatters to activate this bonus and have a chance of winning big.

The Fisherman, during the Free Spins Bonus mode, takes part in helping create wins. It gives an immediate cash prize when it lands on a reel by taking values from all visible fish symbols. If there are several fish icons on sight, this means that you can win a large amount of money.

In terms of mechanics and similarities, Big Bass Bonanza is quite similar to Blueprint Gaming’s Fishin’ Frenzy. Both games revolve around fishing themes and give players chances to win free spins with big bonuses possible during these rounds. Nevertheless, Big Bass Bonanza adds another dynamic element with its own twist on gameplay through the introduction of Fisherman icon. Consequently, Big Bass Bonanza has excellent bonus features that offer fun and possibly lucrative gambling options collectively dropped above in an effort to entertain players.

Symbols for the Big Bass Bonanza Slot

Welcome to Big Bass Bonanza Slot Symbols! This part will look at the different signs you may come across when playing this fishing-themed slot game. Different fish-oriented high-paying icons and card-like low-paying symbols possess distinct values and special characteristics that support winning big. Let’s plunge in and explore symbolized underwater world of the Big Bass Bananza slot activity. Regardless of whether you are after a huge mug or want to know about the sport, this manual will make it clear why each icon matters and how it can contribute into a fruitful fishing trip. And now let’s spin those reels as we see what prizes await us!

Fisherman Wild

In the ‘Big Bass Bonanza’ game, Fisherman Wild is used as a substitution for all symbols on Reels except Scatter. Whenever Fisherman Wild emerges on any reel, it substitutes for other symbols leading to winning combinations.

During FREE SPINS mode, Fisherman Wild behaves also as Substitute for any other but Scatter symbols increasing chances of making successful patterns. Also during Free Spins feature round, an additional random multiplier can be associated with Fisherman Wild further raising opportunity for big wins.

The base game consists of five reels and a free spins round which can result in even bigger payouts if activated by fisherman wild symbol landing on them during these periods thus making it an interesting one to watch out while playing.

Big Bass Scatter

Big Bass Scatter is another important symbol since it triggers Free Spins feature in the game. In most cases like many other fishing-related games this symbol often appear on reels thereby indicating commencement of bonus rounds. Players need at least three scatter symbols to activate free spins feature, although sometimes they might have more than that number required depending on what they chose earlier before starting their gameplay.

Usually during Free Spins several games offer opportunities to re-trigger extra rounds by getting more scatters hence giving players chance not only win without extra bets but to multiply their winnings as well. Moreover, the appearance of the Big Bass Scatter during the Free Spins round may also lead to an increase in the multiplier for the money symbol, leading to potentially bigger wins. Ultimately, this symbol raises game thrills and its winning ability indicating its importance for players who aim at making great catches and collecting larger amounts of cash.


Float is a device or object used when fishing that has many advantages especially in online slot game known as ‘Big Bass Bonanza’. Its essentiality lies in helping fishermen catch large fish by increasing odds of huge payouts in a game.

In fishing, the float when attached to a fishing line helps in indicating when the fish bites. The importance of it as it is used for catching big fish lies in the fact that this bait stays at a certain level within water and hence is more visible to large fish. Consequently, one can attract and eventually catch bigger fish.

Floats have several special attributes and differences which make them unique; they can be diverse in shape, color or material used. Some floats are designed so as to be more sensitive even if there is only slight movement by a fish while others are made to withstand rough waters and heavy bait. This gives fishermen an opportunity to select the right float that suits his specific kind of angling style thus making their fishing experience better.

Lastly, this is why you should use a float in fishing especially when playing Big Bass Bonanza slots online. These qualities make it vital in raising its chances of being able to lure huge fishes as well as distinct variations.

The Fishing Rod

Fishing Rod symbol is an important part of the game that holds great significance for players. Generally, this symbol usually means potential big wins and bonuses will follow suit with its occurrence on any pay-line whereupon it will award impressive gifts unto gamers who managed landing it first. Such symbols present themselves in many different ways depending on how often people play these games: sometimes they appear purely randomly without any implications whatsoever just like one would expect from pure luck itself which could also lead someone receiving enormous payouts due simply having nothing more than good fortune smiling upon him/her again at least once every blue moon.

Below are some specific win amounts for Fishing Rod symbol:

  • Five symbols on a line can award a substantial win amount
  • Four symbols on a line can award a generous win amount
  • Three symbols on a line can still award a respectful win amount

These figures may vary based upon particular games and pay tables used. The excitement experienced as players anticipate landing this symbol in order to win big can be likened to that of catching a big fish. In simple terms, the Fishing Rod is one of the most desired icons and players always look forward for it whenever they are playing.


The Dragonfly symbol is a top-paying symbol in this slot, which can lead to massive wins when it appears three times on an active payline. Players can get a 3x multiplier of their original bet for landing three Dragonflies on a pay line, four dragonflies results into having five-times-wagers-multiplier and if players manage landing five dragonflies then they will be awarded with ten-times-multiplied win amount. 

The Dragonfly also acts as a wild symbol, meaning that it substitutes all other symbols in the game except scatter ones hence creating winning combinations for gamers enabling them grab prizes offered by online casinos while at home!. This makes it easier for people who play these games often because sometimes you may not know what exactly should be done since one moment things have gone so well but then suddenly others don’t work out anymore, so being aware where does everything change?. That’s why multiple Wilds combo gives such rewards as free spins or even mini-games featuring huge cash prizes like none other than yourself who wants nothing else apart from becoming wealthy without much struggle involved only real-life competition against random number generators themselves sometimes too good luck together along way towards wealthier life style full surprises & funniest moments which happen unexpectedly during every spin played here-in.

Fishing Tackle Box

The fishing tackle box contained several different symbols including the Dragonfly and Fishing Rod in the Big Bass Bonanza online slot game. The Dragonfly symbol is a wild symbol and it can be substituted for any other symbol except scatter symbol to make winning combinations. When the dragonfly symbol occurs in a winning combination, it pays up to 2000 times line bet.

On the other hand, as a scatter symbol, the fishing rod activates free spins feature with three or more of them appearing on reels. Further, if there are five rods on reels, apart from triggering Free Spins feature; they will reward gamers with 100 times their initial total bet.

For this reason, these fishing-related symbols carry significance in Big Bass Bonanza online slot as they relate to its overall theme about fishing big wins excitement. These icons not only pay well when they form part of win lines but also create an immersive experience among players who love angling or outdoor-themed slots.

Fish Paying Symbol

In this game however, Fish Paying Symbol acts both as a regular symbol during base game and as Money Symbol during Free Spins. In base game mode, getting five fish paying symbols on a line attracts a value of 20x which makes it highly valuable. Players can get huge returns by hitting multiple fishpaying symbols on one line.

Fish Paying Symbol changes into Money Symbol in course of Free Spins feature where it could lead to even greater winnings. Therefore, once again this is another way that people increase their potential earnings through playing big bass bonanza because landing several money symbols during free spins can bring substantial payouts.

In conclusion therefore Fish Paying Symbol plays an important role throughout both Base Game and Free Spins Feature with respect to offering lucrative possibilities for significant wins. The aim for players here should be to obtain many Fish Paying Symbols so that chances of making substantial cash outs are increased significantly.


In the slot game Big Bass Bonanza, the Ace symbol can form winning combinations with specific line and position requirements. When five aces land on any active payline it will give out a 10x win. Therefore, these Aces have to appear in consecutive positions on an active payline. For instance, four ace symbols aligned consecutively from leftmost to rightmost on the screen would result in 2.5x win if they are positioned anywhere along an active payline. Further, whenever there are three Ace symbols that run consecutively over one another within any of those lines then winnings shall be given at 0.5x rate.

It is important to note that in order to make these combinations with the Ace symbol in Big Bass Bonanza, certain line and position requirements must be met. By understanding these requirements, players can increase their chances of achieving these winning combinations and maximizing their potential payouts. Therefore, always keep your eyes peeled for those Aces coming together correctly placed in the active play lines so as to take advantage of this win in Big Bass Bonanza.


  • Payout: 500 coins
  • Win multiplier: 10 times

Computation: On a line, once 5 King symbols occur, the player earns an award of 500 coins. The total win equals this amount multiplied by 10x, which is equal to 5000 coins.

Four king symbols on one line:

  • Award: 200 coins
  • Win multiplier: 5x

Calculation: Receiving a payout of 200 coins is realized when four King symbols land on a line. This amount has been multiplied by the win multiplier of 5x resulting in total winnings of one thousand dollars.

Three king symbols on one line:

  • Award: Fifty slot machine coins
  • Win multiplier: Twice

Computation: A win occurs when three King symbols appear on a single line with the player being given fifty slot machine coins as payment. After this, we multiply it further with the win multiplier which gives us the full winnings that equal to one hundred dollars.

To sum up, if you have gotten five, four and three King Symbols in pay-line you will be awarded with money corresponding to 500, 200 and hence fifty for each case and therefore have ten times more than your stake in total or twenty times more than your bet respectively. In each case the players won would multiply reward with x10,x5,and x2 of their respective payout value.


The Queen figure is an image that looks strong and authoritative like royalty above all; she carries all nobility. When five queen signs appear at once on a pay-line it means ten times bigger prizes for them in comparison with their bets. Four queen signs can make two and half times bigger rewards than simply betting or three queens will help to get back half a coin per chance.

It often wears crowns and beautiful dresses symbolizing royal status or elegance; hence players are interested in such themes because they show wealth and aristocracy. Most people find charm in its details including delicate jewelry, graceful posture making it attractive for gamers.

Queen symbol has a significant role to play in terms of higher payouts as well as the general theme and feel of the game, making it more grandiose and luxurious. It is one of the most sought after symbols by players in the game due to its high payout ability which is quite thrilling at times during gambling.


In addition to lowly paid ones, there is a symbol known as “jack” in Big Bass Bonanza slot machine. Jack symbols can be landed anywhere on the paying line 3 or more times so that they will give 0.5x, 2x, or even 10x multipliers to players correspondingly. The Jack Symbol doesn’t pay out as much as other symbols with bigger monetary value on the reels though it might still be part of a winning combination. This means that while Jack may contribute towards a series of winnings but pay-out values it provides are not large compared with those from other lucrative icons in this game. More often than not, players will get small wins when matching combinations appear on their screens; however larger rewards are usually associated with rare signs appearing on their reels. In short, Big Bass Bonanza relies heavily upon jack symbols for diversity among winners.


The importance of this Ten symbol in this game lies within its function as a wild card that replaces others hence completing prize chains. When there is already Ten symbol on any win line then it increases reward tenfold comparing to normal values given before.One example could be that out of four characters on a wining payline and one ten character your win would be multiplied by ten times

The win amount is multiplied by 10x when there are five Ten symbols on a line. For four Ten symbols, the win is multiplied by 2.5x while for three Ten symbols, the win is multiplied by 0.5x.

Depending on how many Ten symbols a player is able to get on a line, different win amounts are associated with it in this game. The highest win amount occurs when there are five Ten symbols with the 10x multiplier attached to it. Nevertheless, even when you play with four ten symbols, you will still have significant wins from its 2.5x multiplier. There may be just three ten symbols but people will still earn something though their winnings will be reduced as indicated by the lowest factor of 0.5x in that instance.

To recapitulate, the Ten symbol is a versatile wild symbol in this game since at least three multiples can result from it due to its presence or absence on any payline marked by five, four and three icons simultaneously

Top Reasons to play Big Bass Bonanza

Big Bass Bonanza is a must-play slot game for several reasons. One of the top reasons to play is the game-changing Money Symbol feature in the Free Spins bonus game. When Free Spins has the Money Symbol, it can reward you with instant cash prizes or trigger Fisherman symbol, and lead to even bigger wins.

Also, its vibrant design and lively soundtrack make for an immersive playing experience. The vibrant underwater theme and catchy music make playing Big Bass Bonanza visually pleasing in terms of sight and sound.

Another reason for playing Big Bass Bonanza is that it can be played on different gadgets. You could be at your desktop, tablet or smartphone enjoying this thrilling slot game.

In conclusion, Big Bass Bonanza offers an exciting gameplay experience with its game-changing Money Symbol in Free Spins, bright design and mobile compatibility making it a top choice for both casual and serious slot players.

The Big Bass Bonanza Family

Calling all fishing enthusiasts and adventure lovers! The Big Bass Bonanza Family provides a thrilling experience that will never be forgotten by any angler at any level. From exhilarating competitions to laid back family holidays there’s something to suit everyone’s taste. This article explores various aspects of The Big Bass Bonanza Family including familiar fishing tournaments they hold, their Lakefront Resort which is so beautiful as well as remarkable fishing guides available there who are very professional. If you are an experienced fisher who seeks more challenges or just a family looking for fun-filled time outdoors then The Big Bass Bonanza Family has got you covered. So pick up your tackle box and get ready for an unforgettable water-based journey!

Bigger Bass Bonanza

Prep up for an exotic sport fishing vacation through Bigger Bass Bonanza – a themed game offering the thrill of catching monster-sized bass fish. Set against breathtaking tropical scenery, this game plunges players into an exhilarating fishing expedition, where the goal is to capture the largest bass fish.

Bigger Bass Bonanza with its vibrant graphics and immersive sound effects appeals to fishing enthusiasts who prefer games based on their hobby or individuals looking for an adventurous experience. The game play gives you the opportunity to feel like you are catching really huge bass compared to other typical fishing holiday themes.

If you are a fisherman or just want an exciting gaming experience then Bigger Bass Bonanza is ideal for you since it allows one to go on a virtual fishing adventure and prove your mettle in capturing the biggest, most elusive bass. Just cast your line and hold on tight because Bigger Bass Bonanza will bring much excitement.

Big Bass Bonanza Megaways

Big Bass Bonan za Megaways is a thrilling new release of a popular slot game about fishing. It has got Megaways layout that offers more winning ways on each spin as there can be different quantities of symbols on each reel at every spin, thus creating up to 117,649 ways of winning. Moreover, the Tumble feature makes it even more interesting by removing all winning combinations from the reels so that fresh ones can fill in their places giving more wins in just one spin.

The main differences between Big Bass Bonanza and Big Bass Bonanza Megaways are the improved payline system and the inclusion of Tumble feature. While the base game had a traditional payline structure, the Megaways version provides an extended more dynamic approach to winning. Moreover, this gameplay dimension brings out another layer that allows players to have multiple consecutive wins in just one spin hence it puts them on a brink of huge winnings. To summarize, Big Bass Bonanza Megaways is aimed at giving players a superior gaming experience compared to its precursor.

Which Game do you prefer?

In my opinion, Medium variance and smaller top prize make original Big Bass Bonanza game most suitable for me among all releases. Other sequels give higher variance with more jackpots but I consider first one as a perfect balance for enjoyment.

Its overall gameplay and theme clearly show that both the sequels and the original share some similarities., Nonetheless I find it interesting since original has less variance while having less number of prizes available than most other slot games in order to ensure full satisfaction at each level without monetary risks.

Specifically, I find appealing such things like engaging fishing theme in combination with fun bonus features offered by Original Big Bass Bonanza. It’s easy to play and amusing as well as you can expect some good sized payouts if luck is on your side.

To sum up, Best medium variance slot with medium volatility levels that is engageing with its theme has exciting bonus rounds can be found in big bass bonanza.

Big Bass Bonanza

Where can I play Big Bass Bonanza free?

If you want to play Big Bass Bonanza without spending money, there are two ways to go about it. One way is by going over to Virgin Games where after signing up you will be able access their version of demo called Big Bass Banaza . Here you get an opportunity even before playing for real cash so that you get acquainted with this slat game through error-free testing free of charge. Alternatively, you can also find Big Bass Bonanza for free here on our website. We have a demo version of the game that players can try out before they decide to play with real money.

Big Bass Bonanza is an online slot game that has gained popularity and offers a thrilling fishing theme alongside giant prizes. Trying out the demo version allows you to see how the game works and whether or not it suits your tastes before taking any risks with your finances. Therefore, through Virgin Games or our website, you will get to play this interesting online slot free of charge.

Big Bass Bonanza Mobile & Tablet

Big Bass Bonanza3

Is it possible to play Big Bass Bonanza from my mobile?

Sure, you can play Big Bass Bonanza on your mobile phone by following the steps below. First, be sure that you have any iOS or Android device. Next, find a casino website optimized for mobile devices and create an account there. Once logged in, go to the game library and search for “Big Bass Bonanza.” Click the game to start playing it on your mobile phone. Big Bass Bonanza is an exciting slot experience with a fishing theme and offers great chances of making huge wins and providing entertaining gameplay moments. This favorite game can now be played at your own convenience through your mobile device. Thus make sure to get hold of either Android or iOS powered smartphone as you sign up to play the Big Bass Bonanza in your preferred internet casino site.