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Book of Dead Review

The Book of Dead is a popular Egyptian-themed online slot featuring free spins and high payout rates. This game revolves around the adventures of a fearless explorer as he wanders through ancient Egyptian burial sites looking for hidden jewels. The game comprises traditional Egyptian symbols including pharaohs, hieroglyphics and the actual book of dead.

One of the most attractive features in Book of Dead is its free spins, activated when at least three scatter symbols are struck. In the course of these free spins, a symbol is randomly chosen to cover an area that takes up the entire reel that can lead to large payouts when it lands on adjacent reels repeatedly.

In addition to its engaging look and interesting free spin rounds, Book of Dead also comes with high win potential which makes it a village favorite for many slot enthusiasts. With its immersive gameplay, generous free spins rounds and huge winning opportunities, players will forever be captivated by this Egyptian themed adventure called Book Of The Dead.

Game Details

Book of Dead is an Egypt-themed slot played on 5 reels with 10 paylines. Players quest through the pyramids to find riches by spinning the reels in search for possible winning combinations. High value symbols include Rich Wilde who is the main character, Anubis and Osiris while lower values are playing card symbols.

One thing that makes this game special apart from other slots are Golden Book Wilds which can replace any other symbol on active lines as well as trigger Free Spins mode simultaneously. When there are instances where Golden Book Wild appears on a screen , it can substitute for any kind of icon that may complete winning combination , besides , it initiates Free Spins Bonus round. After landing at least three Golden Books Wild ,one gets ten extra games during which one random icon starts expanding throughout whole reel raising chances for wins.

Additionally, with bonus coin multiplier available in this game on top of everything else – what other reasons are there not to give it a try? It is possible when a player has already won some money by making combinations on the reels, to place another bet and thus multiply his winning. With thrilling gameplay plus rewarding features, this game can be an immersive and potentially profitable gambling choice for fans of slot machines.

Book of Dead Theme – Ancient Egypt in a Nutshell

The Book of Dead online slot game takes place in ancient Egypt and is designed with hieroglyphs, pharaohs, and other symbols associated with this civilization. Rich Wilde is the main character who goes on an adventure to discover pharaohs’ secrets including their treasures. Among them are scarabs, gods and goddesses along with the Book of Dead on the gaming area.

This captivating theme and engaging features have made the game immensely popular. These include an exciting Free Spins feature that gives players 10 free spins once three or more Book of Deads are hit thereby opening room for re-triggers. Additionally, Expanding symbols fill entire columns so they may result in massive wins if they land on adjacent reels.

In general, Book of Dead has become a popular choice for online slot fans due to its combination of an Ancient Egypt theme, the daring character of Rich Wilde and thrilling features. The game’s design, symbols and gameplay make it a hit in the online gambling industry as a whole.

What is the RTP of Book of Dead Slot?

The RTP of Book of Dead Slot is 96.21%, which falls within the industry standard for slot games. The Return to Player (RTP) refers to the average amount that players can expect to get from a game over time. Most other slots have an RTP that ranges between 96% – 96.5%. This shows that Book of Dead Slot’s RTP lies in normal range for slots.

This means that players will earn back a considerable amount from their wagers in the long run with a payout rate set at 96.21%. This implies that for every $100 staked, this particular game should pay out approximately $96.21 on average. While specific results may vary, this percentage provides valuable insight into how much players might expect to receive if they were playing it.

To sum up, Book of Dead Slot offers 96.21% RTP which is about average for slots as per usual range among them all. Therefore it remains one of attractive options for those searching for high expected payouts.

Book of Dead Bonus Features

The Tomb symbol acts as both Wild and Scatter symbols when it comes to the bonus rounds in Book Of Dead slot machine.It serves as wild symbol meaning it can substitute any other symbol in order to create winning combinations.When used as scatter symbol ,it means landing three or more tomb icons will trigger free spins feature whereby during Free Spins round,a special expanding symbol is randomly picked .This expands across one reel thereby increasing chances o win big.

These are important symbols with high values and specials ones found in this game.… For instance; Rich Wilde takes the highest position, followed by pharaoh’s mask and Anubis. These symbols offer the possibility of significant payouts if they appear in winning combinations. Additionally, the Book of Dead symbol is both a Wild and Scatter symbol. As a wild, it substitutes for other symbols to make wins and as a scatter it leads to lucrative free spins are triggered. In conclusion, these high-value symbols and special contribute to the thrill of game play and chances of winning big in Book of Dead Slot machine.

Symbols In The Slot Game Book Of Dead

The symbols involved in the game are integral aspects of the entire gaming process. Each symbol has its own meaning and value that contributes to the thrill and potential rewards in play. Understanding what each symbol means, as well as what it can transform into during gameplay is essential to your overall success and likelihood of winning big. This article will take a closer look at all the different symbols present in Book of Dead slot, their significance in terms of game mechanics, their capability to form win combinations, as well as trigger bonus features. Regardless if you are familiar with this or not, this guide will lead you through the mystical world of ancient Egypt and its powerful signs towards a more rewarding gambling experience.

Tomb Symbol – Wild/Scatter

During gameplay, Tomb Symbol serves both as wild and scatter. As a wild character substitutes for other symbols to create winning patterns hence making it possible for players to be able to get winnings easier. When appearing on screen as scatter images 3 or more tomb icon triggers Free Spins feature where gamers receive certain number of free attempts.

Potential wins are expected when three, four or five Tomb Symbols land anywhere on reels. These wins do not have specific paylines since Tomb Symbol pays anywhere on reels. The higher the number of landed Tomb Symbols, the bigger payout may be anticipated.

This is crucial because this symbol helps in forming winning combinations by substituting other icons on slots’ lines; additionally it often comes up with reward multipliers which further multiply player’s payouts thus leading to much greater returns per round won with Wild’s help.

To summarize: The functions performed by Tomb symbol include substituting for various others while triggering Free Spins Feature at once. It doesn’t matter about any payline restrictions regarding its probable winnings; also there are some payoff-boosting multipliers available here too.

Rich Wilde

Rich Wilde is one type of personality who has appeared in several Play’n GO slots, including Aztec Idols, Pearls of India and Book of Dead. Rich Wilde takes players on a journey through his adventures as they search for ancient treasures and big wins.

In this slot game, players can win up to 10,000 times their stake if they are lucky enough to find the hidden treasures during the bonus round which offers free spins or when they pick from among many items such as coins hidden behind doors that could earn them some extra cash – all this is possible thanks to very high volatility in Aztec Idols.

Moreover, the maximum prize of 1000x stake is offered by Pyramids Of India with its exciting free spin feature and bonus game wherein players have to select from different pearls revealing either money amounts or additional gratis rotations. The high volatility keeps you on your toes as you proceed with the game.

Finally, Book of Dead is a favorite for many slot enthusiasts that can give you as much as 5000 times your bet. The slot has scatter and wild symbols which are represented by the famous Book of Dead icon triggering free spins in addition to offering a chance to win big with expanding symbols. It has high volatility meaning the participants will be thrilled during the game due to large cash payouts.

Symbols that one should be keen on while playing any of these slots include both scatters and wilds together with other high paying symbols that come along with definite information about free spin feature within them, which in turn gives it some substantial amount of rewards. Join Rich Wilde on his various Playn Go online pokies for a gaming experience full of anticipation as well as volatility.

The Pharaoh

In Book of Dead, the pharaoh’s symbol holds paramount importance since he was a mighty king back in ancient Egypt. A Gold mask worn by Pharaoh additionally contributes towards richness and lavishness feeling. In this case, the symbol Pharaoh earns large wins making it an important symbol to land on in order to have a better play. It reflects how pharaohs were believed to be deities hence very wealthy and powerful.

The figure of luxury and grandeur associated with Ancient Egypt is portrayed through the characteristics of pharaoh’s sign in this title. This mask made out of gold also adds up more charm on pharaoh’s image itself. This imagery captures the historical background where Egyptians believed their rulers (pharoahs) had divine status and tremendous wealth too.

Overall, this emblem shows why pharaonic era is such a fascinating topic in Book Of Dead; its golden mask denotes affluence while its pay-table pays better than average per single combination formed.


Anubis was an Egyptian god who watched over dead persons’ tombs besides guiding spirits into underworld according to ancient cultures from Egypt.He is often shown having a human body and a jackal/dog’s head which is an emblem of death and the world beyond. In Egyptian mythology and religion, Anubis played an important role as the god who decided whether the souls would continue to heaven or not after they have passed away. He was always there during mummification process as well as burial while his statue used to be kept at entrance of tomb for protection.

Anubis’s head with that of a jackal is usually representing his association with death and afterlife. It also holds in its hands Ankh (symbol of life) and Scepter which signifies his leadership. Ini some ancient written material and drawings, he appears strong, dominant as well as respected.

Various tales have been told about him as a compassionate being who directed spirits through different stages of life after death. The most common theory is that he measured how light an individual heart was against the feather. Hence many Egyptians believed there was no one else powerful than him throughout their journey from this world to other one which lies beyond it.

A significant divinity in ancient Egyptian mythology, Horus represented the rule of god-kings and embodied the solar and lunar forces. As the true successor to the throne and an emblem of power and control, he was believed to be Osiris’ and Isis’ son. On many occasions, Horus was shown as a hawk thereby connecting him to a hallowed bird referred to as the sun bird due to its association with sky and sun. This bond with the falcon shows his protective nature as well as his role being a mighty god who symbolizes governance. Falcon’s representation in Book of Dead slots game denotes Horus’ presence that could lead to divine intervention during play.

Some important symbols associated with Horus include: falcon, sun and moon, udjat or eye of horus), double crown. These marks portray his link with kingship, defense, cosmic powers thus emphasizing his importance in ancient Egypt society. Overall both Horus’ presentation as a divinely guided king along with connectedness to sun and moon are some vital components of Egyptian myths that have impacted art, religion and culture over generations.


The Ace symbol is highly ranked on paytable thus offering high win values when three, for or five symbols appear on reels. Moderate winnings can be expected from three Aces while landing four Aces will give you higher payouts.. The largest wins are given by five Ace symbols which give away highest amount.

The Ace symbol carries a lot of weight in this game often representing mightiness strength as well as high worthiness. Having it land on any reel leads into large wins but also thrilling gameplay making it among those required symbols by most players however not all time they are guaranteed successfully acquiring one because they are taken by other players .Besides; it is an ace symbol usually associated with cards games this therefore makes it more attractive since most casino games consider it their top value card hence having such meaning adds much attention into the game.

Considering everything, the Ace symbol is one of the most important aspects of this game since it offers big money and brings excitement to people as they turn reels.

The Queen symbol is a high-value symbol in the Book of Dead slot; it can bring big wins to players. If three Queen symbols appear on the reels, this results in a moderate payout. Furthermore, if four Queens appear, they get even higher payout and if they would be lucky to land five Queens, then he will get the highest payout for this particular symbol.

The Queen symbol holds great significance in the gameplay of Book of Dead because it is not only a high-paying symbol but also serves as the game’s scatter and wild symbol. The scatter function of the queen takes after her name; when 3 or more queens appear on any reel simultaneously they will trigger free-spins bonus game and may potentially re-trigger additional free-spins. On top of that, as a wild queen can replace another icon on the board except for scatter icons thus improving your odds for a successful spin.

In general, three or more Queen symbols are worth significant amounts in Book of Dead and its combination as being both Scatters and Wilds make it an indispensable part which gives you an adrenaline rush during gaming process.


In Book of Dead popular slot machine, Jack plays important role in winning potential. This results in lucrative rewards to players whenever Jack lands on the reels. When you have three Jack symbols on your screen at once, you will receive ten times your initial wager while four such pictures offer hundred times more multiplier! It should also be noted that by hitting five Jacks enables up to x500 win multiplication value! As such that assumption means that any amount placed from a gamer’s side and multiplied subsequently with required number of pictures with “Jack” can lead to earning accordingly. In addition, bearing in mind that possibility is always around one may want to consider following closely after Jack icon when playing Book Of Dead since several huge rewards can be awarded during gameplay by landing these very icons!


For instance, in most cases,Ten is worth 5x, 25x and 100x your total bet for getting three, four or five pictures respectively. In case you make a stake on one line, you will get multiplication of your credits by 5 in case of three Tens occurrence; while presence of four such symbols leads to their multiplication by twenty-five times; five Tens would account for a hundred times. 

As one of the lower-value symbols in the game, the Ten still packs a punch when it comes to potential winnings. Multiple occurrences of Tens are particularly valuable because they can cause an upsurge in what is received once wagered. Indeed, if one was either a newcomer or professional gambler he or she should not underestimate the importance behind holding these cards during gambling escapades.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to point out that this value and probable remunerations from “10” may be not similar across different games with varied rules and options. Nevertheless, its importance as a symbol is never doubted when it comes to raising adrenaline during gaming sessions.

Book of Dead Demo

Book of Dead Mobile & Tablet

Book of Dead4

You can find Book of Dead on HTML5, that means it’s built to be played on mobile devices. Play the game through your browser, or download the online casino app for an even better experience.

No matter how you choose to play, the interface will always look great and run smooth. The graphics were designed with small screens in mind so you won’t ever have to squint to see what you’re doing. And navigating through is as easy as can be thanks to touch controls.

Both iOS and Android users are good to go. So whether you’ve got an old phone or a new one, everyone can enjoy this game on their own device. No more having to borrow a friend’s!